Belgian beer tasting event

23rd - 27th November, 2015: The Indian beer industry has faced several significant changes in the past decade due to introduction of international brands such as Foster's, Budweiser and Carlsberg. A Belgian Beer house in Hyderabad offers its customers a selected variety of imported Belgium beers.
A Belgian beer tasting event was organized in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai from 23rd - 27th Nov,  2015. More than 10 breweries and 40 beers were showcased at this event. The audience were Indian professionals, food and beverage managers, lighted beer importers and beer lovers from all over India. They appreciated the different flavors. Thrill beer, pale ale specialists and IPA clubbed with the supporters of fruit beers or those of wheat beers. As a result each brewery earned new fans. This has proved that Indians are fond of Belgian beers and it is time for Belgian brewers to make their way into the Indian market against all odds. AWEX and BIE helps Wallonia/Brussels brewers to export their beers to India.

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